Nobody is here who don’t want to get everyone’s attention in the party or any kind of gathering. Definitely, everyone loves to be a hero or looks cool. As in this age of technology, everyone has something unique and different devices. So here we are introducing Wowok Black Money Gun for you. It can be used as an entertaining toy for game, weddings, family gathering and for the night parties. Perfect present for young men young ladies and companions. This complete Review helps you to pick the right cash cannon gun.

This Review Will Help to know the Pros and Cons of this amazing money gun. It will help you to Take the right Decision while Buying Cash Thrower

Wowok Black Money Gun Review

Wowok Black Money Gun Full Review

This is such a unique idea for parties and get-togethers even graduation for your kids. Give such of the guests one of these little toys and let them have it. Think of all the endless possibilities you can really make your party special with personalization.
Wowok Black Money Gun Features
The most interesting thing is that you can use this from a distance of 2 meters and its speed is about 15 to 20 times per second. But don’t load more than 130 bills at a time because due to this the gun may be stuck. Keep the aim of gun lightly pointing upwards the air while shooting. This can be purchased for use at a party. It’s easy to use, install the batteries, and even came with some fun play money. Overall a simple design, easy to refill, and was enjoyable to use. ┬áIt came with realistic-looking $100 bills. And it shoots out really great and fast. Also nice that it came with a battery. The product works exactly like stated. Just make sure you point it up in the air, if you try to point it down, the money won’t come out.
  • Item weight is 1.05 pounds
  • Best Sellers rank
  • 100 PCS Play Money
  • Comes with 9V Batteries
  • Has stronger motor
  • Shot a fully load cash smoothly
  • Simple to use
  • Come with Prop Money
  • Great for Game or Party
  • Shooting distance is about 2 meters
  • Speed is about 15 times per second
  • Value for money
  • May be high in price

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The stronger motor makes it more smooth and it can shot with fully load cash. Its very simple to use and one of the best cash cannon 2020. You can add more than 100 bills at a time and it shoots out rapidly. You just need to install the 9v batteries that come with the gun in the package. Open the top lid and place the cash in it then you can shoot out the money by pulling the trigger. Make sure you are aiming in the right direction. And the black colour makes it more beautiful especially when you carry it in the becholer parties.

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