Here we have Spray Money Gun Cash Gun Party Fun Toy which is one of the best party props all over. I know everyone love to make money rain when sitting in a bar, club, festivals, and parties. Its a worthy and different feeling to be happy and enjoy with friends. Our friends are everything for us and we want to make each moment memorable. So make your event valuable with this Party Fun Toy.

This one ​is also ​good for shooting money, advertising flyers, and visiting cards​. And it uses at least ​about 130-150 banknotes in one go to have limitless fun at parties or any other occasion.

Value Talks Spray Money Gun

Spray Money Gun Reviews

Let’s Talk about the review, This money gun seems a lot cooler than it really is. We first tried real cash and it kind of just spit it out and fly far. The money-flying-everywhere that we were expecting. The fake money that comes included does a little bit better shooting out of the gun and we had a fun time cleaning it up. The motor in the gun is a little bit weak so you can’t load too many bills as the weight of the bills will make the motor stop but it doesn’t matter too much. If you add limited bills at a time then it works gracefully.

But you must be careful about some bills. If they are ripped or torn they will not work in the machine and get stuck sometimes and Real money has to be 200% perfect. If you sprayed it when entered the party, the people went really crazy and will enjoy it.
  • Perfect for distributing money
  • Great for wedding
  • 1 9v Battery required
  • The appearance is very classy
  • Weight is 1.31 pounds
  • Include fake cash bills
  • Good for a gag gift
  • Sometimes  money out is SO loud
  • Not work with business cards

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What's Best in Spray Money Gun
The best and different thing about this gun is you can hardly hear any sound like whooping when you push the trigger to play it. You can enjoy money rain without any noise and that gives you a great experience. Its a great choice to gift. And its a Brilliant addition to any  Party Games. It’s excellent for distributing money, business cards, flyers, and even coupons. It’s a lightweight approx 0.5kg, The amazing thing the speed of the shot money is about 15 bills per second. The maximum range of shoot money is about 2 meters.

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